The Metaphoreal s01e07: "To Chill Within Turnity"

The penultimate episode of this season of The Metaphoreal is broadcast this weekend on Spiritplants Radio. It should be on around 11:30am GMT, but think we might be running up to an hour late this weekend. 

The show is sandwiched between DJ Frogs with In The Window, and Commander Q (on the road to Burning Man 1999 last I heard!) with 36x. DJ Frogs passed away recently, and so this will be the penultimate edition of his brilliant show, and next weekend on SPR will be a best of Frogs, including the broadcast of his final episode - my show ends with a dedication to him. I thoroughly recommend checking out his show, In The Window, if you like British humour, psychedelic rock and folk music - there are nearly 300 episodes to enjoy. Also check out his epic BRAINSONG !!! 

Here's a breakdown of my show:

00:00:00 - Intro...
00:01:15 - Fuck Off Physics (Stop Being Such A Dick)

This was recorded last summer, it's a playful poem (with serious, deeply conch undertones, natch) slagging off materialism. I decided to experiment with performing it through a mouth harp, speaking and twanging at the same time.

00:12:28 - A Wee Slice Of Drum Meat

Again from last summer, a random session banging away on my drum and letting whatever wants to come out my mouth. It starts very loose but the rhythm tightens eventually. Once the inevitable boobies and bumholes are out the way we channel the glorious terrors of eternity for a minute or two.

00:21:17 - Countrysighed Codezzz

Sat out front feeling a bit lonely and exhasperated one morning, I challenge the countryside to entertain me how the city might. Gimme some fucking culture, nature. Accompanied by a slice from a recording I made whilst experimenting with a synth I was programming, a fairly simple affair based on karplus-strong synthesis, a short impulse put thru a filtered delay line which mimics the sound of a string being plucked, more or less - played by a kind of arpreggiator, also of my own design - a set-up that is featured throughout this episode.

00:29:08 - How Nice It Is To Be Alive

More spontaneous poetics on the topic of eternal bliss and the wonders of mortality. I was busy processing some wood from a hedge I had cut, and recorded this during a pause. Accompanied by my synth/arp combo, as is the next piece.

00:40:07 - Mid Crife Lysis

This is the longest section of the show, 40 minutes. I just read from something I had poured into my log last year, it could probably do with some tweaking but it has some strengths. This poem is in dialogue with "A Nest of Oddettes" from episode 2. So I wrote that poem after finding a dead crow beside the road on our first day out after the first lockdown. It really pissed me off and the poem became something of a curse, or hex poem. It was entirely based on 13s - 13 stanzas of 13 lines of 13 syllables each. Anyway, I felt I had to curse (those who kill creatures and harm the earth without any real thought or feeling) in a way that I was prepared for it to come back on me threefold, following old wisdoms in such matters. So my curse was based on awakening, and reincarnation, and the perception of eternity - not just as a glory but as a terror. Anyway it wasn't long after finishing that poem that I found myself breaking down for no reason I could really understand, but eventually rationalised as being perhaps something of a mid-life crisis, having turned 40 that year. So this poem deals with that, to some degree - i.e. it is my initial feelings and outpouring in trying to make sense of what I was feeling and experiencing at that time. The afternoon of that massive cry I went into l'église de saint-pierre at Caen and recorded my reading of A Nest of Oddettes... the knotty relations between the pagan, heathen, and the christian are also a big part of these poems - I reacted against christianity for a long time, after being brought up in the Church of England - I appreciate it a lot more now-a-days, though I will likely never be able to call myself religious, a big enough part of me wishes that it could. Aside from any of this the beauty and power of gothic architecture speaks to me deeply, the combination of geometry and the intense organic details of great churches, especially when brought to life with some proper deep organ music, just blows me away, every time. I am sad that such achievements belong to bygone ages - I don't want to turn back the clock or anything, I want us to be doing something that reaches comparable levels of beauty and dedication towards invisible and ideal, imaginative and divine and scientifically underlined and technologically sophisticated and appropriate to the glory and horror of life... stuff. Because why the fuck not? What are we? Lol.

01:21:16 - Can You Handle It?

Around the pond, talking shite with the frogs, and sometimes succeeding to make myself laugh, at least - and this being somewhat deependent on the fact that it's all undershot with a crazed intensity, as well as being business as usual. Accompanied by a kind of downbeat lo-fi acid thing performed on my Volca Bass, Keys, and Sampler. 

01:41:46 - A Field of Feelings

One of my favourite poems from last year, and perhaps ever, personally. It's just about the fields of home, the ragged robin flowers, and this moth (Green Forester) that likes them - and the kind of music the colours of their wings make with the pink of the ragged robin (Lychnis fleur de coucou). I love those flowers so deeply - they have the same spirit as Blake's Albion Risen (/Glad Day) for me. I wrote it in fourteeners as well, somewhat thinking of Blake. I read it over a tune I made some year's back - I put quite a bit of work into the tune, so it's a bit more finished than some of them, although it's just a live mix, that I wasn't really happy with at the time - I've since lost the files so this is all I'll ever have of it, and this poem seemed to fit well enough being read over the top. 

01:53:03 - Odd Bless DJ Frogs

So this is the end of the show, a dedication to my fellow Spiritplants Radio DJ Frogs, whose real name was Paul Finch. I never knew him, but his work touched me. I took a random little section of a tune I made whilst messing around with Sunvox on my Raspberry PI one day, a tune which has a somewhat amphibious flavour, to me, and I slowed it down and sung spontaneous not-not-sense over it, and then put it back to normal speed so I sound like a chipmunk. Hopefully it does some justice to the always good vibe fun time spirit of DJ Frogs, Odd Bless His Soul.


Peace oot, metaphorce be with yooze :-)
(& Happy Lammas!)

This article was updated on October 9, 2021

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