The Metaphoreal s01e02: "Crowsmass"

Uneasy gListening for these shiny dark times sure to lighten up the funkiest of monks and evil biker nuns to boot!

(((The Metaphoreal s01e02: "Crowsmass" at

Originally broadcast on Spiritplants Radio, allow me to present the second episode of my (hour long) radio show, the Winter Solstice edition, featuring the usual mix of poetry, story, field recordings and music.

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This article was updated on April 9, 2021

Sam Knot

I am a poet and illustrator, originally from the south of England, now living in an old stone house in the middle of the countryside in Normandy, France, with my lovely wife and an assortment of other creatures. Thank you kindly for checking out my work, please don't hesitate to get in touch: iam (at) "this website".