The Metaphoreal

The Metaphoreal s01e02

Scanning my sketchbook, knotwork calligraphy, the tracklist, my pipe, tobacco seed pods, sea shells, prism, shield bug, dead crow, to commemorate the second episode of The Metaphoreal with Sam Knot.

Tune in for the second episode of Sam Knot’s The Metaphoreal “Crowsmass”:

Uneasy glistening for these shiny dark times sure to lighten up the funkiest of monks and evil biker nuns to boot. Whadda we got? Ol’ Black-robed wizard-crow laying down the l’Awe’d, above all ‚Ķelse/elfs, sorryzzzElves. No I zzz. A bit too much me! Nothing too terribly twee although some high functioning depression and anxiety softened by floppy-sleeved romantic streak and sweetened by underlying pixie-clown syndrome, hopefully. A Pam Ayres poem read by Sofiona the 8-bit super computer, definitely. Some other beats & bobs. Yes & no. A heavy dose of murdered crow cant. Natch.

“Psychedelic Poetry Au Naturel” from deepest Normal-dy.

P.S. – Spiritplants Radio are on their annual holiday until late January 2021. This episode belongs primarily to Winter Solstice, and to 2020 in general, so in this instance I am releasing the episode pre-broadcast.

Peas fronds, & lovage, lettuce take care of our elves, ’til next time, metaphorce be with you. xxx

Photo of paper white daffodil on windowsill against grey sky.

00 00:00 The Metaphoreal s01e02 Crowsmass
01 01:26 The Lightbox of Morning
02 02:48 Twelve Twelve Twentysomething
03 18:48 Entransformation
04 22:22 A Wee Squelch
05 25:10 The Watchful Weave
06 27:45 Crowsssmashhh
07 31:42 A Certain Change
08 33:14 Oh I Wish I'd Looked After Me 8-bit Teeth To A Hip-hop Beat
09 35:30 My Crow Macro
10 36:18 One: Crowslaughter
11 46:50 Two: An Empirical Vendetta
12 54:46 Three: The Cathedral of Impossible Experience
13 60:25 Four: Anarchy Typal Oddette
** 62:36