The Metaphoreal

The Metaphoreal s01e01

A scan of a few items, bits of my sketchbook, natural objects, and a few musical instruments, to commemorate the first episode of The Metaphoreal with Sam Knot.

Tune in to the inaugural episode of Sam Knot’s The Metaphoreal for “psychedelic poetry au naturel”, a story about spiders, the odd giggle, more or less experimental musics, birdsong, church bells, mushrooms, unicorns – all them good stuffs!

Produced for Spiritplants Radio, the show is a mix of poetry and story readings, as well as bits & bobs spontaneously recorded into my phone, together with my own music. I started producing this episode around Halloween/Samhain, 2020, so it has a bit of a late autumn vibe.

Meta-force be with you!

The Metaphoreal with DJ Sam Knot
s01e01: Auld HaHaHa Lows

00:00 01. You are now entrancing
00:56 02. Elfland in the twilight
06:27 03. This World
08:52 04. Doog Morphternoon
11:52 05. Wrongurrdor
17:58 06. Anyb0ddytHere?
19:55 07. A Tale of Two Spiders
30:17 08. Trying to record an owl
33:00 09. Beard of Dust
34:25 10. First Shroom of the Season
48:30 11. The Wove of Bedethany
53:53 12. Faelurk

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