The Metaphoreal s01e01

A scan of a few items, bits of my sketchbook, natural objects, and a few musical instruments, to commemorate the first episode of The Metaphoreal with Sam Knot.

The first episode of my new radio show will be premiered on Spiritplants Radio today (Saturday 28th November) at midnight UK time, which is 1am here in France, or 7pm Eastern US time; and will then be broadcast again tomorrow (Sunday 29th November) at 1pm UK / 2pm France / 8am USA.

My playlists and archives will be HERE.

In a couple of days I will upload an archived copy to the wayback machine, and update this post.

The show is a mix of poetry and story readings, as well as bits & bobs spontaneously recorded into my phone, together with more or less experimental musics. I started producing this episode around Halloween/Samhain, so it has a bit of a late autumn vibe.

The Metaphoreal with DJ Sam Knot
s01e01: Auld HaHaHa Lows

00:00 01. You are now entrancing
00:56 02. Elfland in the twilight
06:27 03. This World
08:52 04. Doog Morphternoon
11:52 05. Wrongurrdor
17:58 06. Anyb0ddytHere?
19:55 07. A Tale of Two Spiders
30:17 08. Trying to record an owl
33:00 09. Beard of Dust
34:25 10. First Shroom of the Season
48:30 11. The Wove of Bedethany
53:53 12. Faelurk